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 What the MARS NY Statewide Network Stands For

We support:

1. The empowerment of all persons whose recovery is assisted by medication. We will no longer allow anti medication prejudice keep us silent.

2. That medication in conjunction with appropriate recovery support services is the most effective treatment for opiate addiction.

Note*  this is not a recent development the NIH in 1997 after reviewing the available research issued the results of its consensus meeting stating the same. Since then the research supporting methadone and buprenorphine is even more compelling.

3. Medication Assisted Treatment (including methadone) needs to be available on demand to any person who needs it. (No more waiting lists)

4. Ending the silence! The medication assisted recovery community will not remain silent while so called leaders outside our community make decisions about us based on opinion and politics rather than science.

5. Getting the financial support we deserve. The federal addiction block grant (hundreds of million dollars) comes with a recommendation that NYS support the NYS recovery community. The medication assisted recovery community has never received one dollar in block grant dollars despite federal recommendations. 


What we are opposed to:

1. Prejudice directed at us because our recovery is supported by medication.

2. Outside organizations claiming to represent us. We represent ourselves!

3. Wasting taxpayer dollars on treatment and prevention venues for which there is little or no evidence of success.