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Using Methadone to Stop Drug Abuse

Methadone can be used to block the "high" that's caused by using opiates. It targets parts of the brain and spinal cord, reducing cravings and opiate withdrawal symptoms. MARS Statewide Network is a peer-based recovery support project in Bronx, New York, that advocates for the use of medication-assisted treatment programs.

MARS Statewide Network

Our goal is to create a statewide support network for those who are peers and supporters of medication-assisted recovery patients. We are the only support organization specifically for medication-assisted recovery, and we want people to understand that this is a legitimate pathway to recovery. Our purpose is to organize the community to give it strength. The Medication Assisted Recovery community speaks for itself. MAT Providers do not speak for the recovery community. We speak for ourselves! We want people to understand that methadone and Buprenorhine are medications— they are not a substitute for heroin. They are medications for treating a brain disorder. This network is funded through a federal grant from SAMHSA.

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