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The Network for People Whose Recovery from Opiate Addiction is Assisted by Medication 

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Supporting Medication-Assisted Drug Addiction Treatment 

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Our organization represents people who are peers and supporters of recovering patients, and we fight the stigma of medication-assisted treatment. MARS stands for Medication Assisted Recovery Services.

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Help support people who use medicine to recover from opiates.
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If you'd like to get involved in a community that backs medication-assisted opiate addiction treatment, contact MARS Statewide Network, located in Bronx, New York. Supported by grants from the federal government, our purpose is to improve the perception of how people see medication-assisted recovery and to empower the patients. So far, we have had three summits— in March, April, and June. The next summit is scheduled for July 28. We're also looking to get involved in National Recovery Month, and we've discussed training individuals to explain to politicians what medication-assisted recovery is.

We are not the medical professionals-- we are supporters of drug addiction patients. MARS Project has been providing peer recovery support services for more than 10 years. In 2015, we saved funding from SAMHSA to create the statewide recovery network. It takes a lot of support to battle drug addiction. Together we can help break the cycle of dependence.

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